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Private Residence Eur Torrino Zone Rome

The classic residence, designed as a succession of areas, is totally broken down and reinvented here, introducing innovative materials and technology, above all creating a new vessel, where every space converses harmoniously with the adjacent one creating an unicum.


Private Residence Parioli Zone Rome

On the top floor of a elegant residence block in Parioli – Rome, the Customer Makes full use of the characteristic brightness of the attic giving ample breathing space to living areas distinguished by the sharing of two architectural souls, one classical, one modern.


Private Residence Camiluccia Zone Rome

The project united the requirements of the lady of the house with functionality, leaving the elegance of the furnishing and of the innumerable works of’ art exhibited inside it intact.


Private Residence Fosse Ardeatine Zone Rome

a Villa of the late 1800s in the old Appian Way area preserves the glamour of the period and has opened itself to sophisticated technological systems. The residence is a Roman Villa around a courtyard on the Via Ardeatina [...]